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Kellie Henkel MS CCC-SLP

Speech Language Therapist

Dr. Meitus changed my world in less than sixty seconds.

I have been reluctant to write a testimonial for a business due to my own privacy but a public tribute to the outstanding qualifications of Dr. Meitus and my personal moment needed to be shared.

I recently retired from teaching high school(45 years) and often struggled as a slow reader even though I taught AP English spending hours and weekends grading essays. I rarely read for pleasure, as lines and words would move or wave and make me feel motion sick.

Dr. Meitus took one look, asked me to read aloud and said, “you’ve come to the right place…your eyes aren’t tracking” He placed prism glasses on me and asked me to read aloud again…no missed words…PERFECT!
I started to cry, all those years of struggle gone in sixty seconds!!

I had been told I was dyslexic, I WASN’T. I simply had an eye tracking issue that could be addressed.

Students with early difficulty reading or with math skills (transposing numbers) may be told they are dyslexic and may be placed in a remedial class, where the actual issue is the eye tracking problem that is mis-diagnosed.
Dr. Meitus is the only eye doctor I have ever known to incorporate eye tracking as part of his examination.

This should be studied and become common practice!
Thank you for opening my eyes!!

Meri Gyves

Retired Teacher

All my life I was told that because of my “lazy eye” I could never have depth-perception or see in 3-D. I had also struggled with reading and learning as a child and couldn’t play in sports. At age 58 I began vision therapy with Dr. Mietus and within weeks my eyes were working together better. I even gained 3-D vision and now enjoy seeing like others do. I’m no athlete, but now I can throw and catch a ball and my whole sense of balance and coordination has improved. Reading is easier now too. I guess it’s never too late to improve your vision!
David R.

Thank you so much for helping our son see better. Even though he has 20/20 vision, it was hard for him to read from line to line and track all of the words. After vision therapy, he can read smoothly. He is not afraid of catching a ball anymore because his eye tracking is better. He was so happy that he could actually catch a ball! Besides the success of vision therapy, it really helped that you created a fun and encouraging environment for him. Thank you again for all that you do!
Agnes W.

….You may want to know why I am writing to gloat about my sons’ accomplishments. It is because I want to thank you for all you did to shape these accomplishments. Our chance to work with you and complete vision therapy were key to helping our boys achieve and succeed. Whenever given the opportunity I share the benefits of vision therapy and how it has helped our sons.
Laura and Steve P.

At the end of first grade my daughter had trouble reading at grade level. We made an appointment and scheduled vision therapy. She worked hard through second grade the vision therapy exercises. In 4th grade she was moved into the highest reading group of her class. In 5th grade she wouldn’t put a book down-even reading with a flashlight under the covers. Last year she read the entire Harry Potter series!
Ashley P.

Vision Therapy

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This video shows the immediate and dramatic improvements in reading fluency Dr. Mietus achieves with his unique and powerful prescribing methods. His “Hypertracking” and “Phorometric Balance” techniques are able to address the most challenging visual conditions. These concepts are not yet realized in general optometric and opthamological practice. Sometimes coupled with vision therapy, these special prism and lens prescriptions off relief from conditions including:

• Reading and tracking problems

• Double vision

• Chronic headaches and migraine

• Poor Balance, motion sickness and vertigo

• “Dyslexia” and “Attention Deficit Disorder” (often misdiagnosed and having a visual basis)

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